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Welcome to the Alternia Wiki.

This wiki is meant to mirror and improve upon the Alternia Live Joural Community, providing a (hopefully) easier access to information about Alternia.

Quick Summary

First, a quick rundown on Alternia and the worlds it contains. So far in the creation of the multiverse, most of the focus has been on Earth, so that's where the differences are most prevalent.

World of Heroes
On this Earth, super powered people are part of every day life. This is akin to the Earths in the DC Comics "universe". Not everyone is super powered, but enough are that it's not something to be feared outright. Where there are heroes, there are villains. The heroes have defended the Earth from the Tyrathi Invasion.

After the Collapse
On this Earth, there are no super powered people. No costumed crusaders or villains. This is the post-apocalyptic Alternia. Most of the stories here take place just after the Tyrathi Invasion. With no heroes to defend them, most of the world's governments have built large underground bunkers. In America these are called "Colonies" named with the Greek alphabet. Colony Alpha, Colony Beta and so on. When the Tyrathi settled ships over colonies, nuclear weapons were launched. Some otherwise normal humans developed the ability to wield the increased background radiation as Nuke Magic.
Ex Machina
In this universe, the Tyrathi Empire does not exist. Left to its own devices, Humanity has progressed technologically. This is the cyberpunk Alternia. Multinational corporations rule in the stead of governments. Cyberwear and bodymods are the norm.

Mystic Frontiers
This is the fantasy Alternia. It is unclear whether the primary world, Ifrai, is in fact Earth. Pretty much anything you would expect to find in a typical D&D game can be found here, with the exception that magic is somewhat rare and mystical, not the common place acts of a typical game. If the Tyrathi exist, no one as seen them.
Fantasy meets modern cities.

OtherRealm bridges the gap between the five worlds. It is a void full of nothing and an infinity filled with possibilities. Few beings have the ability to traverse OtherRealm.